United States vs. Nixon

In 1972 five burglars were caught breaking into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, government investigation of the break in revealed that the burglars were associated with the campaign to re-elect Nixon. The inquiries also revealed that the president and his aides had probably abused their power.

During the congressional hearings on the break in scandal, it was revealed that President Nixon had installed a tape recording device in the Oval Office. The special prosecutor in charge of the case wanted to get tapes of the Oval Office discussions to help prove that President Nixon and his aides had abused their power and broken the law. President Nixon tried to stop the special prosecutor from obtaining the tapes and even had him fired. However,a new special prosecutor, supported by the ruling of a federal district court judge, again requested the tapes. The president then gave the tapes but they were edited tapes were shorter versions then the original tapes. The court ordered the president to respond to all of the special prosecutor’s requests. When the president appealed this decision to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the special prosecutor asked the Supreme Court of the United States to hear the case.

In front of the Supreme Court of the United States, President Nixon’s lawyers argued that the case couldn’t be heard in the courts because it involved a dispute within the executive branch. In case the Supreme Court disagreed, Nixon’s lawyers also argued that the president’s executive privilege should protect the tapes. The concept of executive privilege, though not specifically detailed in the U.S. Constitution, is based on the constitutional separation of powers. It provides a certain level of confidentiality of communication between the president and his aides, especially where defense and national security are concerned. President Nixon’s lawyers argued for an absolute executive privilege based only on his discretion.Nixon was guilty he turned in the original tapes

For Nixon

I am for Nixon because I think that the law was to hard on him.If he didn’t want to show the tapes he didn’t have to,because he had the right to remain slight. He had the right to keep the tapes he was the president. When they took the videos that was invasion of personal property because he had put the camera in the oval office so it was his tapes

Against Nixon

I am against Nixon because Nixon was the President but he didn’t have the right to keep the tapes .Nixon was a crock a lire ! He was the one that new what had happen in the burglars. He had evidential tapes why he won the election! When the Supreme court asked Nixon for the tapes he refused to give in the tape.Nixon later gave in the tapes but gave in tapes that were edit. Then the Supreme Court asked Nixon to turn in the unedited tapes so he did .When he turn in the tapes then after he was no longer the president of the United States.

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Reflective Blog

The outsiders project I think that the outsiders project was fun. My thoughts of the collaboration with the students in Canada was an experience that I will never forget. I thought that it was great I liked working with the students in Canada. I this project taught me how you can communicate with people around the world that there is nothing that could stop you from doing it. I also learned that not every one things the same that we have lots of different opinions. I learned how we can compare the book to are lives and to other peoples lives. I think that the only thing that we need to change when we do group projects with the students in Canada is that we have to meet at certain times. Have every thing ready before time. I like the experience I hope that we could do it again.

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Now that I  have read the other groups answers I changed i still have my answer the same because i think power is knowledge.

1.I think that power is knowledge.I also think that power is something that you can not touch.If you have knowledge you know everything and your always on top of everyone. That’s good for you if your trying to get a job or doing something that gives you a jump start. The people would like you and then hire you. That’s wonderful for you.

2.I that people get greedy when you have power and they don’t like for example if you get a job and your friend wanted it and he doesn’t get it he gets mad at you because you got it and they become  greedy

3.It puts more pressure and stress on the person who is making the decision. It makes think more about their decision. They have to think about everyone who is going to be affected by this decision. It also might have a really big impact on people if the person makes the wrong decision.

4. I guess that it just makes someone feel different. It makes them feel like their in control and can do anything they want, but they can’t. I think that power is knowledge well that’s what power means to me

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chapter 9-10 The Outsiders

Fear I think that chapter 9 and 10 are about fear. I think that chapter 9 and 10 are about fear because they are going to have a rumble and the have fear they might lose the rumble. Also is fear because darry is scared that what happened to jonny might happen to him and he thought that it was his fault and i think he has fear that the copies were after him because he had robbed a liquor store but i think that he wanted to die.

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chapter 7-8

I think that chapter 7and8 are about survival because jonny and darry are in the hospital trying to survive because they got in a injure for saving some kids in a burning church and also because ponyboy,darry and sodapop are trying to survive and not get taken apart.

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The Outsiders chapther #4

The word that came to my mind when I read chapter 4 was the word is fugitive . This word comes to my mind because Jonny and Ponyboy are fugitives from the law because they are running away.It think that Jonny and Ponyboy should not be running away from the cops and the cops should  looking for them  because I think that Jonny stabbed Bobby because he was during ponyboy so i think it was self defense.

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My Thoughts (The begining)

I think that the outsiders was intense because there alot  of violence  but i also think it is interesting.I think it is interesting because it kind of relates to us in 2007 because there’s gangs now to.I really like this book so far I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

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The Final on the Veldt


 1.What kind of relationship do you see on the Veldt?

I think that in the store the Veldt there is a bad relationship between the parents and the children. They hardly communicate with there children.The parent spoil them and give them wath  ever the want or do for them what ever they want.The house does everything for the parents the parents don’t do anything for there children.The house makes the children’s food,there laundry, bathes them, it iron there cloths the house does everything for the parents.The parents don’t do anything for there children.

 How do you see power?How is power  displayed?

The persons I see power in are the children because they get what ever they want and have the ability to convince there parents to give them what they want.the children get what ever they want by just begging and if they want something they don’t ask there parents they just ask the house to give it to them and it gives them what they want.

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Desire Vs Need

Desire vs need

I think that desire is not great because there are many things that you want but not always right for you to have them because if you have everything you want then your going to want more and your going to get greedy . Then your going to feel people un useful to you and then you my do badthings to them with out wanting to do them


I think if you need something is because it is useful in many things but you shouldn’t get more then what you need.

 Is having everthing you desire a goodthing?

I think that is not a badthing to have ever thing you desire but you have when to stop and just get what you can use not only by how pretty or nice it looks it has to some thing you need and now how to control yourself

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Power & Relationship

1.How is power shown in relationship ?                                                                

 I think power is is shown in relationship because if you have power you have a relationship with others like your parents.You have a relationship with them because the have power at home so the have a rleatsinship.                                                                                        2.How can power change rleationships between people?                                                        

Power can change rleationships because some people get greedy because they have power   or moeny .Then some people forget the small people that they use to be around but they got moeny and left away and never come back and dont rember of the people the use to hang around with .                                                                                                                                        3. how can power change people ?                                                                                                                

    Power changes people in many ways because some people become depreesed because they have to much power and they can not control it .So  people become happer because they have power and have control over others .


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